Life is a matter of choices. From the time we wake up until the time we go to sleep, we are forced to make choices. Some are simple, because they are routine and require little thought, while others are daunting.

Decision-making is often tough because the circumstances, or the people associated with those choices, make it hard because of the emotions involved around your choices.  However, people who decide and choose under difficult circumstances often progress in life becoming incredibly successful, while those who cannot get stuck in the revolving door of complaining and being miserable in life.

My most recent choice is a prime example of this. I resigned from my current position, knowing my team will struggle and many of them might just fall apart, but I had to choose me. I refuse to be stuck, unhappy in a role, or shackled by financial responsibility – life is simply too short for that!

People always ask me “how are you so decisive in everything in life?” This is a snapshot of my response:

I believe I have a different way of looking at making a choice. I am more process-oriented and follow logical steps and the impact, and do not allow my emotions to cast a shadow on my choice.

Bottom line is this, life is not always easy, and if anyone tries to convince you it is, Shame on Them! There will be moments in life when you’d rather walk on hot coals than make a tough decision. Many times the thought of the unknown and what lies ahead in our lives paralyzes us because we cannot see it. However we will never know what lies ahead of us until we are willing to take the first step on the path to something new. The only thing we can control is making a choice; consequences are something we have to deal with later, however you cannot allow fear of the consequences to stop you from making a choice.

The choices you make define your person – and only you can make them!

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