The choices you make in life can be what lead you to greatness!

Founded by Chief Executive Optimist, Nicole Caley, Living Virtuously LLC provides the motivation and inspiration to help you overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from reaching your potential! Your current situation never has to define your future success. As you learn my story, you will see that perhaps your cookie doesn’t have to crumble – mine didn’t!

Nicole could have easily become just another statistic in the teenage mom, absentee father narrative – where a quality education, mental and emotional stability, self-confidence, and a safe home were things she could have only dreamed of having. Fortunately for Nicole, it was those exact statistics that drove her to become“anything but her family”.

As a dynamic, results-driven leader, Nicole has demonstrated success as the Director of several operational accounting teams, and while she is extremely committed to her role, the development of others, and being of service to them, Nicole’s true passion is dedicated to serving the Chicagoland area through True Mentors, Women’s Leadership efforts, as well as private speaking engagements. She specifically focuses on the inner city of Chicago and the young girls there. Her hunger to serve girls and women has prompted her to establish Living Virtuously LLC, focusing her efforts in motivational speaking and helping young girls triumph after being sexually abused.

How did it all start?

If you ask her, she will tell you “I am just a girl who wants better for this world.” Her life experiences, which range from childhood molestation, to drug and gang activity, to international honor society graduate and professional speaker, have allowed her to be not only an inspiration to those that believe things will never get any better – but someone who is relatable. She used to be embarrassed of her past, thinking it would limit her success, however she now uses her experiences to resonate with her audience. After all; She is just a girl – a person – like everyone else.

Bottom line? Nicole gets people. From all backgrounds, social statuses, ethnicities, and religions – and they get her because she connects genuinley, from the heart because in most cases, she’s been where you are.

Want to chat?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Nicole via Facebook, Twitter, or send an email right here, using the Contact Form.